Of Summer Nights

By Joe Carriere The night races by As music whips with the wind Through open windows We found the right place The most pointless spot to sit To do whatever We own the summer The hot, cloudless nights where we Burn beneath the stars If we are lucky And we take time to let go […]


By Molly Boes I wove through the crowded airport, my bag digging into my already sun burnt shoulder, my eyes set on the food court. After a week filled with fish, potatoes, fresh fruit, rice, and chicken, I was looking forward to a meal of deep fried, completely unhealthy fast food. As I placed my […]

Because we’re all a little out of focus sometimes.

Because we're all a little out of focus sometimes.

Photo by Alexa Von Bargen

Final Table

By Joe Carriere      It had been a long day at the table, and at this point, Hummel was the last person I wanted to see sitting across from me.  He was dangerous because he played like he had nothing to lose, and even though I had a decent chip lead I didn’t feel […]

A lil’ art to get things mood

Hello everyone. The first deadline to submit is tomorrow and we’re doing good so far! About 50 submissions are in and they keep coming!   Check out this art by the lovely Hannah Baker and get inspired.

A Helpful Resource

By Molly Boes This is not a poem, nor a short story, nor a piece of graphic artwork. Instead, it’s a helpful resource for you writers out there. . So are you looking to write your own piece to submit, but fighting a losing battle with writer’s block or unsure about how exactly to write […]

Domestic Terrorists

By Alexa Von Bargen . I spent my time playing Polly Pockets with friends in grade school. I’d devote hours to setting up the doll town, the house, the wardrobe…but after the family was situated and beautifully posed in their dream home, there was nothing more to do. The figurines were all too small or […]